Friday, November 09, 2007


Every Friday we have Kindermusik around noon...and either before or after, we've been going to the coffee shop next door where O has a pretty big oatmeal raisin cookie! He sits in his chair, and enjoys his treat while his mother or father just stare at him in his cuteness!

Tree Hugging....

We had a great morning at the park today...we fed ducks 3 loaves of bread...we swang on the big swing...we chased animals, pet a dog and climbed our first tree! PHEW!



Kindermusik Class...

Owen LOVES his Kindermusik class! The week of Halloween they could dress up... and here is the class picture...(sorry about the quality...I tool a digital pic of a print!)


Me: "Sweetie, would you like to watch "THE JUNGLE BOOK" now?

O: "Lovely!"

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Fine Artist or Tattoo Artist???

Halloween...A Little Late....

For Halloween, I made my almost best attempt at an airplane costume! He loved wearing it around the house...but for the pre-school Halloween fete, he wore it long enough for me to get a few pics!

On the Eve of Halloween, he was happy to open the door and beat everyone to "TRICK OR TREAT!"...too cute! We didn't venture out this year, but will the next one...I'm already thinking about next year's costume...would it be horrid if it was something political as we'll be so close to election time??? HOW SCARY!