Thursday, December 25, 2008

Owen's 3rd Christmas...

We woke up around our usual 7ish on this cold and snow covered Christmas morning...I came downstairs and waited for you and you dad to come downstairs...You knew something was up, because you stayed in the hallway for what seemed an eternity!!! I was videotaping the whole thing, and I have 4 minutes of a door way! Ha! Eventually you CRAWLED in...and hid behind the couch!

Then acted completely goofy!


Then...over the next few hours, we slowly opened each present..taking some time to appreciate and play with them...Here are a couple of videos and pics!


Beautiful tree...with an abundance of presents...
With dad and a new tie...

Reading a Dr. Seuss book...(one of the 30 Aunt Julie and Uncle Michael sent him!!!Ha! Thanks so much!)
Beading a necklace...(Thanks Aunt Gigi and Uncle Victor!)Building a marble maze...(Thanks Grandma Mary!)Building a Carnival Fort with dad!!! (Thanks Aunt Lupe, Uncle Greg and Santi!!!)

Videos from the 24th...

video video

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve...

As we get ready to spend our second Christmas, (just the 3 of us) in Spokane, tonight, we continued with the tradition that we started last year. Going caroling at Cannon Park...around a bonfire. This is a neighborhood tradition that I found out about last year by total accident, and even though we don't live in the Cannon Park neighborhood, we crashed it. Twice.

Last year we were on time...this year, we caught the last 10 minutes of it...I had written the time in my Outlook calendar, so I would know the time this year...but, when my computer crashed this year, all of my important notes and dates in my calendar vanished into thin air...So, just in case (KNOCK ON WOOD)...that this computer suffers a similar fate, let me mention that the caroling starts at 5:30! :-)

Owen was not interested in I left O and J with the sled, and joined my far away neighbors in the last two songs...the crowd was much smaller than last year...and there was 3 times the snow and there you have it. As soon as the singing stopped, the place was emptied in a matter of we had the park to ourselves. O did a bit of sledding and fire management, (I'll add a couple of videos in the next day or two) and I photographed and just took it all in...the beauty, my lovely family that fills my heart with joy...I love you O...Merry Christmas little are truly the best.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008