Monday, March 31, 2008


My purpose in writing this blog, is to document O's life and my journey as a mother...which include the "good"...and the "bad"...This post falls under the "REALLY BAD" category.

Yesterday O and I went to Costco to get a few items...we walked in and got a Swirl Frozen Yogurt to share. O was holding my hand as I got the treat. After paying, I walked over to the spoon counter, with O right behind me. Then we walk through the tables of people eating, and O is behind me...(Do see where this is going?)...

My empty cart was parked next to the wall, and I had to cross the line that now had formed of people waiting for the cashier at the deli. O was behind me. I cross it, place my wallet and yogurt in the cart, so that I am hands free and able to pick up O and place him in the cart...but when I turn around he is not there. Momentary gasp, and I turn toward where we just came from and look for him. He is not there. So I begin to call his name...people look around for a lost child, and I see the entrance to Costco right there. I didn't think that O had left, but the thought that someone took him crossed my mind.

I cross the cash registers and I am calling his name...a Costco employee comes up to me and asks me what he looks like. I ask her to please close the doors, and that he is wearing orange pants and a green coat. At this point, I was in a daze...adrenaline pumping...heart racing...trying to keep my head clear, although all I kept imagining in that instance was horrible.

Then, at the OPPOSITE corner of Costco, be both see O. He was casually walking. I break into a sprint and as I get close to him, I just said, "There you are piglet!" and he says, "Mom, I was looking for you"...I go up to him, and he grabs my hand and we calmly walk back to the cart. There was no anger, or tears. We just picked up where we left we reach the cart, I see my wallet just laying there...

It was a lesson day for me...although I knew he was right behind me, for those 3 seconds that it took me to put my wallet and yogurt in the cart, O and I lost contact. As I crossed the line of people, O must have not seen me, and just kept walking ahead. When I didn't see him, I didn't look ahead in the direction I was walking, but retraced my steps, so in essence, we were moving away from each other.

It is my responsibility as O's mom, to make sure he is always safe...and I now will make sure that he is in my sight every second...that is what was so amazing to me about only took a few seconds for us to get lost...

Anyway...we are both OK...I felt pretty bad but I'm over that...and know that I will do better next time. I did love how O wasn't upset at all...he was just looking for me, and kept it together!


Friday, March 28, 2008

It's An Emergency!

(That's what one of O's Firemen books cracks me up!)...Anyway...yesterday we headed out to the fire station to meet the fire men and to see the TRUCKS!!! It was all very exciting!

...With Grandpa Donald...

Monday, March 24, 2008


Just a couple of photos I took yesterday of were playing in your bedroom, jumping on the bed...(and me!)...and I managed to capture your adorable face and smile! I love you peanut!!!!

Oh My! Chocolate Bunny!!!!

The Visit...

Joe's dad is visiting from Pennsylvania...Grandpa Donald, as O calls him was a complete stranger to O just a few days ago, and now they are buddies...and it's really sweet seeing their relationship develop and grow. I took this picture of O, the morning after Don's arrival...O could hear him in the kitchen, but was cautious in his approach...he peaked at him from the hallway for a few minutes before going to see him...

Monday, March 17, 2008

Wow! You Peed!!!

This photo was taken moments after you peed in the potty ALL BY YOURSELF!

Dad asked you if you wanted to pee in the potty, (which we do on occasion, to which your usual prompt answer is a NO...), but today you said yes! So dad got your little stool and set it next to the toilet, and you stood there and tried for a while, as we conversed about penises and poginas (Mom, you have a pogina?). Then dad asked if you wanted to try your own potty instead, which you did. So you sat and apparently peed, because when you got up, there it was! We all celebrated this momentous occasion and flushed the pee down the toilet with a cheer!

Yey Owen!

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

At The Park...

This morning we headed out to Cannon Park and I couldn't believe we were the only people there!!! We spent 1.5 hours playing "base the ball", walking, sitting with ducks and getting up close with a beautiful heron!

Monday, March 03, 2008

Base The Ball...

O and I spent some time at Cannon Park on Sunday, where we were joined by a few other families basking in the sunny weather...There was a young boy about 6 or 7 playing baseball with his know, catch...hitting some balls...When it was time to head home, I mentioned to O that he had a couple more turns down the slide and that then it was time to go. He agreed...This is the conversation that followed:

Me: OK Piglet, time to go home.

O: How about one more time mom.

Me: No sweetie, time to go.

O: How about this? (Points to bars)

Me: No honey, we have to go. Do you want me to carry you upside down to the car?

O: (Laughs)...Yes! No!

(I run towards him and flip him upside down)...

O: No Mom! I have to base the ball mom!...I have to base the ball!

The Sun...The Sun...

The weather has been so, so beautiful the past few days...we decided to head out to Fish Lake and check it out. It was really snowy out there, and it made for a challenging walk...(We only walked about 100 feet before we turned around!)...the snow was compacted and ICY! We could barely walk! It was a nice little outing though, and O enjoyed the time outside looking for deer and wild peacocks!