Monday, March 17, 2008

Wow! You Peed!!!

This photo was taken moments after you peed in the potty ALL BY YOURSELF!

Dad asked you if you wanted to pee in the potty, (which we do on occasion, to which your usual prompt answer is a NO...), but today you said yes! So dad got your little stool and set it next to the toilet, and you stood there and tried for a while, as we conversed about penises and poginas (Mom, you have a pogina?). Then dad asked if you wanted to try your own potty instead, which you did. So you sat and apparently peed, because when you got up, there it was! We all celebrated this momentous occasion and flushed the pee down the toilet with a cheer!

Yey Owen!

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gigi said...

!Hurray little man!!! Hurray!