Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Park With Connor and Justin!

Lunch In The Forest...

We headed out to Lily's house on Sunday afternoon...Tanya had packed a lunch for all of us, and we drove just a short way to the Small Spokane River, (I think!)...It was a really great place. Lily and Owen took off and explored...they climbed trees, rocks and each other!

Piper decided we should climb up the side of the mountain, (OK...I exaggerate just a LITTLE)...and for the first time in my life, I ate lunch on a 45 degree incline...(or would it be a 145 degree incline)...it was all quite thrilling!

Then we walked some more and eventually made our way home!

Dirt Piles...

After the going to the Japanese Garden, (see previous post for pics), the 5 of us headed to Upper Manito to play. Patty and Jacob and Henry stopped by as well, so we all hung out. Henry and Owen hung out mostly IN the dirt pile...They were in heaven!

Owen was so, so dirty and muddy...his clothes were still wet from the Koi Pond, so getting his boots off at home was quite an adventure! It was like cement in there...I think he grew an inch or two after we managed to take them off!!!

Anyway...it was a really fun day!

Don't Be Koi!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Nipples and Breasts and Cement Mixers!

This morning, as O and I lay in bed together waking up, this is the conversation that occurred.

O: Is this your nipple?

Me: No, that is my breast. This is my nipple.

O: This? (Squeezes said nipple).

Me: Ouch! Yes, that is my nipple. Be gentle please.

O: What does it do?

Me: Well, not much at the moment. Once, it fed you.

O: Chocolate milk?

Me: No, just milk. When you were little, I breastfed you. My breasts made milk and you drank it from my nipple.

O: Is there milk in there now? (Pats my left breast).

Me: No...it's pretty much all gone. When I carried you in my belly, no, uterus, my body began making milk, so when you were born, I could feed you.

O: (Looks at my tummy)...I was in there?

Me: Yup.

O: Was your belly really big?

Me: Yes...and you were even upside down.

O: Gasp! (Smile)

Me: Then you were born, and you drank milk from my breast.

O: NO MOM! The milk came in a cement mixer!!!!

Me: Oh...

Then, of course I ate him.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Music Class...(A.K.A. Wearing Out Dad!)

O loves his music class...he dances, laughs and sings with gusto! It is really great to see him enjoy it so much.

Joe mentioned the other day buying a piano...we have three guitars around the house, (well, 4 if I count O's guitar!)...I am contemplating getting a couple of drums for O to play with...

When I was in my early teens, I took piano lessons. I remember enjoying them a lot, and I think I played pretty well for someone that only took them a year, at most two. Of course, looking back, I wish I had stuck with it...but I think boys and hanging out at the mall took precedence. Ah, the priorities of a teenager. I hope O is smarter than I was...

I think as long as we make music fun, and expose him to all sorts of sounds from around the world, he will enjoy it and maybe even want to pursue learning an instrument. One can hope.


Joe and O worked hard to put my studio together...I of course, had to document this momentous occasion!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Bike Ride....

This past Sunday the three of us headed to Idaho, (which is just 30+ minutes from here), to ride our bikes on The Trail of the Coeur d'Alenes.

It's a 72 mile route, but we only did 10 miles. The first half hour on the bikes was all downhill...so when we hit level ground, we decided to head back up...not really knowing how bad it would be...The ride up was really beautiful and not difficult at all...I hope we go back this month and do more of it...Here are some pics from the ride...