Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Today's Adventure...

Around 9 a.m., we headed over to Lily and Piper's house, so we could go see the new house their parents are building, off somewhere 30 minutes from here on the South Hill...We transfered the car seat to Tanya's new minivan, (which, although I don't particularly see myself getting one, I will admit that it was quite the ride...I bet they had moms involved in the design as it's very user friendly...well, except for the fact that it is pretty much impossible to hand anything to your child in the back...but then again, maybe one should never really do that, since one should always have their eyes/attention on the road...but then we also should always do a lot of things that we rarely do...)...and headed out of town. GASP!

The property they bought is RIGHT next to the river...and RIGHT next to a horse boarding place! It's a child's haven! First on the list was feeding the horses...
Lily was a complete pro...O stood about 50 ft. back and threw the carrots and apples in the general direction of the beasts!

I'll admit that even I was a bit cautious around these animals...they take a bit getting used to! We also visited the barn, and O didn't care for this one was the only time he asked to be picked up and held...and he buried his face in my hair...Then, when I put him down, he headed for the safety of the entrance!

After hanging out there a while, we crossed the grasses and as Tanya called it, "bushwhacked" our way to their house!

Once at the fabulous casa, we toured every square inch available, and then headed out to the patio overlooking the river where Lily and O had some snacks and threw rocks into the river...

After all that hard work, O took some time to contemplate his existence on this beautiful planet, and how lucky we are to have such wonderful friends!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008



O: "What was THAT?"

Me: "I tooted"

O: "WOW Mom! You are good at tooting!"

I couldn't stop laughing...I almost peed my pants!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Bike Ride...

Yesterday we decided to leave the messy house with its never ending demands for cleaning, and head out for a bike ride. We drove up to Nine Mile Falls and rode our bikes on the Centennial Trail for 10 miles. It was really, really beautiful and except for one small incident of almost running over a dog, we had the trail all to ourselves...


I believe it would be safe to say that my father hates gum...I also believe it would be safe to say that in his adult life, which constitutes 50 years, (give or take a few), he has probably not had ONE piece of gum in his mouth...So I grew up rarely chewing gum when I lived at home, and if dad saw me or my sisters chewing it, he would immediately demand that we get rid of it. (Let me add for clarity that "get rid of it" meant in the garbage, not on the table for later enjoyment).

And so, some weeks ago, I come home and find O chewing. "What are you eating?", I asked..."Gum", he proudly answered. I felt my knees go weak. Apparently O had seen some on the counter and asked Joe for it, and logically, Joe gave it to him.

What I find interesting about this story is my reaction to O chewing gum. It was a completely reactionary reaction to something that I had honestly not given any thought to. I just immediately "GASPED" when my almost 3 year old was chewing gum...and not because I necessarily see anything wrong with it, but because it had been ingrained in me that children should not chew gum! (Dad, aren't you proud?)

And so, every now and then O will ask for a piece of gum and I will give it to him...and I sit and watch him enjoy this little treat...


After a week away, Joe came home! O and I headed out to the airport and anxiously waited for his plane to arrive...O was really cute and played with his plane...Then he saw Joe and gave him the best hug! Welcome home!!!

Off To Work...

O walks down with toilet paper around his neck.

Me: Hey! What's that around your neck?

O: It's a tie. I'm going to work!

Friday, June 20, 2008


This mornings musings...

I asked O what he wanted for breakfast, and his answer was "Tortellini", as usual. I informed him that I was not making Tortellini for breakfast, but that I would be happy to serve him oatmeal with fresh strawberries/bananas...or and egg/toast or yogurt/fruit. He frowned and insisted on Tortellini. I smiled and let him know it will be a surprise.

I placed the bowl of oatmeal on the table, and called him. His disappointment was immediate, and he informed me that he doesn't like oatmeal. I said that I didn't know that he didn't like oatmeal, and that I would keep it in mind for tomorrow's breakfast. I also added, that since he was not going to eat the oatmeal, I would. I placed the bowl in front of me and took a bite. He frowned. I said, "MMMMmMMMMMMMMMMMM this is the best oatmeal I have ever made! I'm a genius!"...I offered him a bite, and he immediately took the bowl and ate EVERY. LAST. OAT.


Then he asked for an egg and toast, which he is devouring as we speak.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Baking a Cake!

As usual, the quiet means O is busy on a project, (usually involving toilet paper...)

This one at least required minimal clean-up!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Yesterday was the last class of Music was really fun and O was getting down!

Brain FREEZE........

Busy, Busy...

Artist at work, busily blow drying the paint on his Father's Day creation!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Random Shots...

Keep Trying!

I love your expression at the end of this are so adorable peanut...

I was thinking about our time together lately, and how much fun I have hanging out with you...You are such a lovely person...funny, experimental, inquisitive...You ask me very strange questions at times and your train of thought is very entertaining!

A couple of days ago we got you your very own little flashlight, which you carry around everywhere...(the batteries have been changed twice already!) I believe you even slept with it last night, (which would explain why the batteries have to be changed again!)...This morning you were sitting on my lap, pointing that thing at me, when you asked me if you could look at my hair. I lifted some hair up so you could see under it, and you exclaimed, "Oh look...MORE hair!" as if you'd had just discovered a new planet!...Then you proceeded to place the cold plastic object down my shirt and said, "Hmmmm"...then you asked if you could look at my "pogina" which I gasped, "No,you cannot look at my pogina with your flashlight!" Good grief child!

...maybe I won't change the batteries!

Monday, June 09, 2008

I Can't Stand It!!!

Maybe it was the Fruit Bars...or the strawberry juice...but you are wide awake.

At 8:00 I put you down, and laid with you for a few minutes. I kissed you goodnight.

Five minutes later, I hear you open your bedroom door, so I go upstairs and remind you that it's time for bed. This is the conversation that followed.

Me: It's time for bed. Please go to bed. (Rest my hand on your shoulder)


Me: I am not pushing you...I am guiding you. (So I remove my hand and kneel down so we can talk).

O: I have to go downstairs with Mousey. Mousey needs to go downstairs.

Me: Why does Mousey need to go downstairs?

O: Because he needs to lay down on the couch and go to sleep...with me.

Me: So you and Mousey need to go sleep on the couch downstairs?

O: Yes.

Me: OK. Let's go then.

ETA...It's been 20 minutes and you and Mousey are still having a conversation of some sort...

It promises to be a long night...


Monday, June 02, 2008

Just Ask!

I was doing something in the living room when I notice an unfamiliar sound coming from the I went to investigate and I find O unrolling the paper towels down the hallway.

Me: Gasp! What are you doing?

O: Making a mess...

Me: Oh.