Friday, June 20, 2008


This mornings musings...

I asked O what he wanted for breakfast, and his answer was "Tortellini", as usual. I informed him that I was not making Tortellini for breakfast, but that I would be happy to serve him oatmeal with fresh strawberries/bananas...or and egg/toast or yogurt/fruit. He frowned and insisted on Tortellini. I smiled and let him know it will be a surprise.

I placed the bowl of oatmeal on the table, and called him. His disappointment was immediate, and he informed me that he doesn't like oatmeal. I said that I didn't know that he didn't like oatmeal, and that I would keep it in mind for tomorrow's breakfast. I also added, that since he was not going to eat the oatmeal, I would. I placed the bowl in front of me and took a bite. He frowned. I said, "MMMMmMMMMMMMMMMMM this is the best oatmeal I have ever made! I'm a genius!"...I offered him a bite, and he immediately took the bowl and ate EVERY. LAST. OAT.


Then he asked for an egg and toast, which he is devouring as we speak.


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ooh, you are a tricky one!!