Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Little Boy...

I took this picture of O this past weekend on a little walk the three of us went on. It was a beautiful Fall morning...crisp, clear and colorful!
O is walking like a champ...he is fearless! I'm coping well with it...;-)
Yesterday I took O to lunch, we sat side by side at this cute little Mexican Restaurant...We shared some tacos and a flan for dessert! YUM! He was flirting shamelessly with two girls at the next table...Oy! Then we went to Anne's (Julia and Carter's) house for a visit...It was just lovely to see Carter and Anne, (Julia was napping!)...Anne and I chatted and O explored all those cool toys! Gotta love that mop!
After our visit, we went to Dad and Jeri's for the night. Lynn stopped by and played with O for a bit and Grandma Jeri made a fabulous dinner, after doing some creative childproofing with rubberbands! Yey Grandma!
We slept great...I imagined that we were on a trip in a Bed&Breakfast...that room is so lovely! Grandma always makes things beautiful!
We are back home now...the floors look great, so we are done! (With them! ha!)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Penny's House o' Fun!

Due to our floors being refinished and the fact the chemicals they put on the hardwoods is toxic enough to burn the hairs off ears, we camped...OK, basically "moved-in" to Suzanne and Byron's casa for almost a week!!!...(And they are STILL speaking to us!!!)...So it was great...Owen and Penny played lots...ate lots...signed lots...cried lots....laughed lots...and yes, pooped lots...(THANKS SUZ!!!)...(Private joke, don't even try to figure it out...)

So here are some flicks which I stole from there.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Penny and Suzanne came over the other day with Penny's lunch, which consisted of McDonald's Chicken Nuggets. Penny offered O half of one, and he loved it...he carried it around for about 2 hours, while chewing on it for an additional 3!


Thursday, October 05, 2006



Yesterday O and spent some time outside playing in Pookie's garden. He can stand from a sitting/squatting position, which is what he did in the above picture...He is such a trooper...he falls a lot after a couple of steps, but always seems to pick himself back up and try again...

For Aunt Gigi...