Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Little Boy...

I took this picture of O this past weekend on a little walk the three of us went on. It was a beautiful Fall morning...crisp, clear and colorful!
O is walking like a champ...he is fearless! I'm coping well with it...;-)
Yesterday I took O to lunch, we sat side by side at this cute little Mexican Restaurant...We shared some tacos and a flan for dessert! YUM! He was flirting shamelessly with two girls at the next table...Oy! Then we went to Anne's (Julia and Carter's) house for a visit...It was just lovely to see Carter and Anne, (Julia was napping!)...Anne and I chatted and O explored all those cool toys! Gotta love that mop!
After our visit, we went to Dad and Jeri's for the night. Lynn stopped by and played with O for a bit and Grandma Jeri made a fabulous dinner, after doing some creative childproofing with rubberbands! Yey Grandma!
We slept great...I imagined that we were on a trip in a Bed&Breakfast...that room is so lovely! Grandma always makes things beautiful!
We are back home now...the floors look great, so we are done! (With them! ha!)

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Bill said...

Ho Ho Ho ... What joy to see mighty O. We had Jeri and Willie here for lunch a week ago Saturday and shared a most wonderful time together. We learned that the Mighty O is going to be moved to Portland. We must see you before this happens. Please call us. Love and Hugs, Bill and Gail