Sunday, January 18, 2009


Today Joe suggested we spend the afternoon at the Museum of Arts & Culture. What a lovely time had by all...(except at the end, but I won't get into that!) Ha! Here are the usual suspects...


Birds? Planes? Art!

The Art Enthusiast

The Watcher...

Mom and Dad (photo by Owen!!!)


Yesterday we went to a play at a local school to see Pinocchio! It was put on by the Missoula Children's Theatre and Franklin Elementary. It just so happened that a friend's son was in it...he was one of the toy soldiers.

Now I've never read Pinocchio, so I wasn't sure if the play was true to the story...of course there were some obvious artistic liberties taken; for example, one of the naughty children who drop out of school to go to Pleasure Isle, (or whatever it was called), dialogue included the phrase, "Far out! Whoa"...which I highly doubt was in the original story!

Anyway...the play was really good...the kids did awesome...and the gym/cafeteria was jammed packed. We had met Maggie, Louis and Chloe there, and the six of us sat together in the 3rd or 4th row. Chloe and Louis used their seats for the whole play, (quite impressive!!!)...on the other hand, O lasted about 3 minutes in his seat, and then was mostly under it, until the show started. He then ventured out to the aisle, where he remained for the whole 1.25 hours...every so often creeping up until he was lined up with the front row. Not once did I see him look back to make sure his parents had not: a) Left. or b) Died. Joe and I kept our eyes on him though...(and Maggie too! Ha).

Since this blog is about O, let me get to the part that really matters...He was completely mesmerized by the show...when there was music or singing, he'd dance. All alone. Just dance. He'd clap and squeal, especially when a few of the cast members ran into the audience...It was pretty adorable...and when Pinocchio and Mrs. Gepetto (yes, another liberty!), wondered out loud if the grey whale was still around, Owen shouted, "He's over there!" pointing into the darkness.

So this, his first play was a total success...After the show, he watched the cast get photographs taken and climbed onto the bleachers where the Choir stood...we were the last to leave!

Give yourself a hand little buddy!

Thursday, January 15, 2009