Sunday, June 15, 2008

Keep Trying!

I love your expression at the end of this are so adorable peanut...

I was thinking about our time together lately, and how much fun I have hanging out with you...You are such a lovely person...funny, experimental, inquisitive...You ask me very strange questions at times and your train of thought is very entertaining!

A couple of days ago we got you your very own little flashlight, which you carry around everywhere...(the batteries have been changed twice already!) I believe you even slept with it last night, (which would explain why the batteries have to be changed again!)...This morning you were sitting on my lap, pointing that thing at me, when you asked me if you could look at my hair. I lifted some hair up so you could see under it, and you exclaimed, "Oh look...MORE hair!" as if you'd had just discovered a new planet!...Then you proceeded to place the cold plastic object down my shirt and said, "Hmmmm"...then you asked if you could look at my "pogina" which I gasped, "No,you cannot look at my pogina with your flashlight!" Good grief child!

...maybe I won't change the batteries!

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