Friday, October 17, 2008

Nipples and Breasts and Cement Mixers!

This morning, as O and I lay in bed together waking up, this is the conversation that occurred.

O: Is this your nipple?

Me: No, that is my breast. This is my nipple.

O: This? (Squeezes said nipple).

Me: Ouch! Yes, that is my nipple. Be gentle please.

O: What does it do?

Me: Well, not much at the moment. Once, it fed you.

O: Chocolate milk?

Me: No, just milk. When you were little, I breastfed you. My breasts made milk and you drank it from my nipple.

O: Is there milk in there now? (Pats my left breast).

Me:'s pretty much all gone. When I carried you in my belly, no, uterus, my body began making milk, so when you were born, I could feed you.

O: (Looks at my tummy)...I was in there?

Me: Yup.

O: Was your belly really big?

Me: Yes...and you were even upside down.

O: Gasp! (Smile)

Me: Then you were born, and you drank milk from my breast.

O: NO MOM! The milk came in a cement mixer!!!!

Me: Oh...

Then, of course I ate him.

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Vicki Singleton said...

That is so precious!