Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sleeping Beauty

O slept for 4 hours straight this afternoon...I actually kept hoping he'd wake up so we could hang out..I had finished all my chores...including addressing 100 envelopes for Christmas cards...

Anyway...he woke up with some prodding at 8:45pm...with a big smile, which filled me with love and incredible happiness...I lifted him out of his swing and he laid his little head on my shoulder...there is something about this age that has me completely head over heels in love...I just can't explain it.

I had made him his bottle in anticipation of waking and he drank it all down while holding my wrist with his little pudgy left hand...and gazing up at me all the while...until sleep overtook him and I laid him down to sleep...see you in a few hours peanut.

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