Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Wrist Rolls...

I will have to take a picture of his wrist rolls...and his calves! They are huge...He is doing so good...I can't believe how transparent his development is...if you really pay attention, you see the smallest change.

Yesterday we were in bed and his pacifier was about 6 inches from his face. I noticed his hand trying to move toward it. At first I was skeptical because he has just recently discovered his hands...and he flops it over the pacifier and grabs it and brings it to his mouth, which is now wide open. I know I'm a sap...but it brought tears to my eyes.

I've started to read to him and he is just fascinated with the books. He squeals and grabs the page. Soon he will be sitting on his own and I can just picture him with books all around him!

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