Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Wrap Me Up!!!

Yesterday you got your shots...today you were not feeling so hot. After a few moments of fussiness, I decided to put you back into the wrap and carry you around as I had earlier in the morning.
I placed you on the bed, as you cried a bit. As soon as you saw me putting the wrap on, you immediately stopped crying. You extended your arms for the first time, as a sign that you wanted to be picked up...and you kicked your little legs in excitement.
It was a lovely moment. I couldn't believe that you recognized what was about to happen. I placed you inside the wrap and carried you around the house were you slept for 2 hours against my chest....Bliss!!!

1 comment:

gigi said...

Such a little burrito!!!! How great to watch his progress :) tell him I love him :) smooches to you too!