Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Can't Get Enough...

O has been so vocal lately...he does this dolphin sound that is pretty funny...Joe calls him "flipper" when he does it...and Joe and O dolphin talk back and forth for a while...I can't believe they don't have a sore throat after their conversation!!!

Last night O slept from 6:30 pm to 6 am straight. No midnight snack...no diaper...I must confess that it was lovely...I delighted in the 10.5 hours I got...Yey!

Still working hard at crawling...which is very cute to watch...and this weekend he went from "all fours" to sitting position...Ack!

I am really enjoying this stage...he is so communicative with me, (us)...It is so easy to get O to laugh or smile...just a quick glance at him with a funny expression does the trick. My "blues" have disappeared...I feel very good and happy...We manage to go out on sunny days, which lately seem to be at least twice a week...This morning is absolutely gorgeous out, so after him morning nap, we will head out for a little walk...and possibly some photographing for me.

You are doing great O!!! I love you!

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