Wednesday, May 10, 2006

O...What Happened To My Folded Laundry?

What folded laundry mom?

So he crawls...(Did I mention that in an earlier post?) Let me be the first to admit that I HAD NO IDEA what this really meant. Life as I knew it a week ago is OVER. I am beyond poooooped. (And being sick didn't help any of us...but we are all recovered now! :-))...I get up at 6ish with the piglet...and am usually in bed by 8. Tonight is an exception, as I thought if I don't stay up and blog, I'll never make another entry here...and my photography has suffered as well...He no longer sits for a he sees the camera and he comes right to it...I need to learn action photography...But what can I is a delight to watch him grow...he is a very happy and busy little boy! Yey O!!!

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