Wednesday, April 04, 2007


This is Mousey.

This is Mousey going down the slide.

Mousey goes everywhere with us...downstairs when we wake up, (where he is almost immediately dropped and left abandoned till later, when O either realizes that Mousey is not 1.2 inches from him, or we decide to go out) the grocery store...or Post Office...(I am letting you see a glimpse of our exciting outings...)...and of course, when we go to sleep.

Mousey has held up pretty well I must say...He's been thrown in the washing machine on occasion and even has withstood the bacteria killing temperature of the dryer...He is a solid member of the family!

I know to some it may seem like a pain to drag a stuffed animal everywhere...but I finding it gives me comfort knowing that he's current needs are met by a little stinky, blue, fuzzy little could I ever compete with that?

Mousey, thank you for always being there for us!

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gigi said...

thankfully mousey still has a nose...