Thursday, May 03, 2007

Where's O?

Tonight after getting you almost ready for bed, we watched a couple of animal videos on love one point a tiger appeared, so you hopped off my lap and ran to your room to get your tiger, which you held mightily for the duration of the clip...then you laid your head down on top of Mousey and I proceeded to kiss your yawned and giggled at the same time.
We headed upstairs at 8, I was under the false impression you would be out momentarily, but alas, you had other played in bed...with your blanket, with Mousey, Tiger and the new addition, Polar pointed and correctly named most of the features of my face, then the ceiling, the wall and the lights...Now it was probably 8:45...I didn't actually know the time because I was pretending to be asleep, as if sleep were passed by osmosis...
Then you turned over and began chanting the following, "Dirt. Dirt, dirt. Toes. Close. Close, close. Clothes. Toes. Close, Closed. Tiger. Mousey. Dirt." I realized then we were in for a long night.

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gigi said...

LOL now THAT is pretty cute!