Monday, August 04, 2008

Birthday Party!

What a fun, fun party we had yesterday to celebrate your 3rd year! It was small, as the yard limits us in number of kids our place can handle without everyone suffering from Claustrophobia!

Grant and Maggie, Robyn and Anna, Lili and Piper, and Hayden, plus one or both parental units attended the fete! (And of course, your cousin S, Aunt Lupe, Grandma Mary, your dad and moi!)...The weather was lovely...not too hot...You guys LOVED the water slip'n slide...hours were spent slithering and screaming in glee! At some point we had ice cream cones and later the light and non-caloric birthday cake!

After most of your friends left, we convinced Lily and Piper to make their parents stay for dinner...more na-kid slip'n sliding...yummy food and soon thereafter, lots of ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZs!

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gigi said...

I must admit, that party looks like it was a BLAST!! we totally wished we were there!