Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A Place for O!

It occurred to me that a blog would be a perfect place to keep a "journal" of O...of him and his dailies and of my thoughts as I venture down this path of new motherhood.

He is almost 4 months old...they say that time passes quickly...I had no idea it was this quick. Everyday I try to slow down and take it all in...his smell...his little noises...(and there are a lot of those...:-) )

The day before yesterday he laughed for the first time. I was in the kitchen washing his bottles and I could hear him and Joe laughing...it was the cutest thing...who knew things like this would make me so happy.

I have a lot of thoughts regarding O and motherhood...I am hoping to organize them somewhat in my head, so I can write an interesting account of our lives together.

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