Saturday, May 27, 2006

A Walk In The Woods...

The reason why I have never visited the Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden (at Weyerhauser), is because we only live 5 minutes away from it.

Last week, O and I went out for an adventure, and ended up at this garden. It was incredible...As it happened, it was raining cats and dogs, which meant we basically had the place to ourselves. I carried O in a wrap on my front...had a backpack on my back and off we went...I loved it...and think O enjoyed himself as well. Due to logistics, I didn't bring my camera, which I so missed at certain key points in our trek. (See Sheltered Space of Being for pics of these...)

Fast forward to today...we decided to visit the garden was cloudy and showers were expected...we packed the piglet, the Olympus, Joe and I and off we went! Joe carried O in our latest carrier addition, an Ergo...and I carried my Oly! Yey!!!

The garden was fantastic as are some pictures from our jaunt!

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