Sunday, June 04, 2006

The Astronaut

Owen had his first BIG fall today...

We had both been sitting at the dining table, he strapped into his booster chair, (it is a chair that attaches to a regular dining chair)...I had not put on the tray, but pushed the chair up to the table. I ate and then got up to do the dishes. I made sure he was safe, and gave him a spoon to play with.

I pop my head around the kitchen corner to look at him, and he is playing with his spoon...I go back to my dishes...when suddenly...a BOOM.

I ran to the table, only to find Owen, chair and all, on his back on the floor. He apparently had managed to get his feet up to the side of the table and pushed off. He is only 10 months old!!!!

I won't go on about all the worrying, guilt, phonecalls and reading...he is fine...he is currently trying to grab the computer while squealing with delight....


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