Thursday, September 27, 2007

Should I Wash That Mouth With Soap?

I have a clear memory of having my mouth washed out with soap when I was younger...OK...I wasn't two, but maybe ten...I don't remember what I did to deserve such a response, but I'm sure my mom felt justified for it at the time!

Owen has acquired the following phrases:

1. Damn!


3. DAMN IT! (As he pounds his fist on the table).

I am horrified...How can my sweet little boy say such things! WHERE did he pick these things up?

Joe thinks he was the one who on a recent occasion, while hanging out with Owen, may have let at least 2 of the 3 slip. Oops. I have no idea how to fix this...I read that one should ignore it...but that's so hard...I immediately get the urge to reach for the Ivory Bar, but I know that's not the answer either...but at least it will make me feel like I'm doing SOMETHING about it! ACK!!!

Hey! I have an idea! I'll wash Joe's mouth out with soap!



gigi said...

consider yourself blessed he hasn't picked up other things....

Lupe said...

I second gigi's comment, I remember you saying "shit" and "crap" when Santiago was 2 :) The really fun stuff is when he plays rhyming games and you start rhyming on a word like duck... luck... muck... do you get where I'm going here?

Amalia said...

NO I don't get where you are going...NO! NO! NO!